ProSe: A Programming Tool for Rapid Prototyping of Sensor Networks


We focus on application of abstract network protocols towards prototyping sensor networks. Such abstract programs exist for several applications, e.g., routing, tracking, dissemination, etc. These programs are often specified in terms of event-driven actions where the program responds to actions in the environment or previous actions taken by the program. Hence, they are easy to specify, verify and manipulate. However, they cannot be applied directly in sensor networks as the computation model in sensor networks (write all with collision) differs from that (read/write or shared memory) used in abstract programs. Towards this end, we propose ProSe, a programming tool that enables the designers to (1) specify protocols in simple, abstract models, (2) reuse existing fault-tolerant/self-stabilizing protocols from the literature, and (3) automatically generate and deploy code. ProSe hides the deficiencies of existing programming platforms that require the designers to explicitly deal with buffer management, stack management, and flow control. As a result, we expect that ProSe will enable rapid prototyping and quick deployment of protocols.

In Proceedings of the First International Conference on Sensor Systems and Software (S-Cube)
Mahesh Arumugam
Mahesh Arumugam

Mahesh Arumugam is a software engineer passionate about designing, programming, and deploying systems. Currently, I work in data security and analytics domain.