Stabilizing Interference-Free Slot Assignment for Wireless Mesh Networks

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In this chapter, we focus on stabilizing interference-free slot assignment to WMN nodes. These slot assignments allow each node to transmit its data while ensuring that it does not interfere with other nodes. We proceed as follows: First, we focus on infrastructure-only part where we only consider static infrastructure nodes. We present three algorithms in this category. The first two are based on communication topology and address centralized or distributed slot assignment. The third focuses on slot assignment where infrastructure nodes are deployed with some geometric distribution to cover the desired area. Subsequently, we extend this protocol for the case where there are mobile client nodes that are in the vicinity of the infrastructure nodes. And, finally, we present an algorithm for the case where a client node is only in the vicinity of other client nodes.

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Mahesh Arumugam
Mahesh Arumugam

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